We architect before we build

Developing a successful software project with a team of designers, developers, marketers, and project managers requires maintaining an attention to detail as well as clarity and alignment on the big picture.

It requires these things over a long period of time, as things change and evolve, as members of the team come and go.

Software architecture is about having a vision and a strategy for achieving it. Working with us will streamline everything along the way.

We develop a deep understanding of your business

Why are you building software? How you will measure whether it is successful? What are the core concepts of the domain? Who are the users? how do they behave? What are their guiding principles?

We bring together different perspectives

When we've developed understanding of the problem, we like to bring in designers, engineers, researchers, and domain experts and really nail down the vision and the strategy we will follow.

We think, we research, we wireframe, we build mockups, we whiteboard, we design sitemaps, we write code, we show it to users, we validate assumptions.

We give builders requirements they can use

By the time we start building, we know as much about the problem as if we're already on our third attempt, and best of all you've spent 1/10th of the time and money as you would have if you just started building right away.

Developers who work on our projects love us, because our requirements documents are the most useful they've ever seen. They are this way because we are developers ourselves.


An Easier Way

The problem with software estimates is you don't know exactly what you're building until you actually build it.

Our software blueprint stimulates the types of active discoveries that usually happen in development,long before we begin actual development.

We arrive at estimates of things we know, instead of guesses about things we don't.