Meet our principals

The western hemisphere's favorite dynamic duo. Every project we've invested at least two years into is still powering businesses and making them money to this day.

Jonathan Soeder
Strategy, Vision, Inspiration

Jon is known on the streets as the man you go to when you have just a vague suspicion that something might be possible with technology, and you might not even know how to describe it. With his finger on the pulse of the latest developments on the Ruby and Javascript scenes , and with almost two decades of experience building technology businesses from the first line of code, if it is possible he will tell you exactly how. And if you want to build a team to make it happen, he is happy to be the George Clooney for your Ocean's Eleven.

He has a gift for communicating between non-technical people and technical people, and with a broad generalist experience, has developed relationships with specialists from every area of the technology scene.

Veronica Rebagliatte
Execution, Stability, Focus

Veronica is one of the best all-around Ruby on Rails project managers in the world. Whatever she sets her mind to she gets done, and throughout the entire process her team and her clients tell us that she is the best they've ever worked with. Her client testimonials speak for themselves.

Veronica is a beloved developer and community organizer in the Montevideo and Buenos Aires technology scenes. Known for her leadership, kind sprit, and broad skillset, she elevates the game of everyone around her.

Meet the rest of our team

We have assembled a team consisting of the best people we've worked with over the years. Their bios will be up shortly.