Our Portfolio

We've been helping businesses make money, raise money, and save money since 1999. We have deep experience in every stage of the design, development, and maintenance cycle and are experts at identifying key patterns behind what works and what doesn't.

We bring that level of experience to every client engagement.

Here's some of our recent work:


A Web Based Mobile App Builder

Warbler is an online mobile application builder for small businesses. We worked hard to arrive at the optimal user experience and feature set for different brick and mortar businesses such as hotels, restaurants, salons, auto dealerships, dry cleaners, and more. We captured this design in a way that was easily customizable for the business owner and allowed them to release an app in the app store in less than an hour. We combined the app builder with a prescriptive marketing automation engine, and a loyalty system that businesses could use to incentivize engagement with the application. This is by far the most ambitious project we have taken on and it is resoundingly successful.

Topgrading Online Solutions

The next generation of the Topgrading Online Solutions platform

Topgrading is a methodology for hiring and interviewing that guarantees to improve hiring performance. We are firm believers in the methodology and use it ourselves. Topgrading had an existing software solution used by hundreds of thousands of people, and they came to us to modernize this software in preparation for their plans to Topgrade the world.

This began a research, design, and planning process which involved several designers, architects, and engineers who collaborated with key stakeholders and customers to come up with the vision for the next generation of their software. We captured all of this in a blueprint is being used to manage the development and release of this next major version. We are proud to say that for such a large undertaking, everything is on time, and on budget.

StadiumPark App

Custom hardware & Mobile App Development

StadiumPark was an extremely interesting technology project, as it combined custom hardware prototyping, scaling, and manufacturing.

This hardware was installed in sports arenas and integrated with their current parking gate hardware. StadiumPark had a mobile app, which we developed a prototype for as well, and this app allows sports fans to pay for parking directly at the gate from their cell phones.


Dropbox powered collaboration workflow for lawyers and judges.

The process of collaborating on legal documents and contracts with an Attorney who doesn't use Dropbox was already painful, but we found that even when using Dropbox there was still a large degree of emailing and communication and task-management that was taking place.

Matterbox brings all of this together in one place. The attorneys who use it tell us that it completely changes the way they work.

Intuitive Real-Estate Solutions

Real-estate appraisal and valuation for city of Los Angeles

The Intuitive Real Estate Solutions application is a tool used by governments in an attempt to reconcile the various forms of property appraisals they receive. There are many different types of value appraisals, each has their own upside and downside.

We developed a mechanism for scraping the appraisal information from thousands of different PDF forms, and fed this information into a pricing algorithm which weighted different types of appraisals differently. The resulting price, or reconciled value, when backtested against sales history, turned out to be much more accurate than other tools in the industry.


Conference management software

Managing technology conferences can be extremely tedious. Between managing calls for talk proposals, and all of the communication with the speakers, not to mention the attendees, there is a lot to do and a lot that can be automated. We developed Conf.nu and Veronica used it to manage Rubyconf Uruguay and other conferences.

Conf.nu will be released to the world at large in 2015.


Our core team worked together at Benchprep for several years.

Benchprep is a successful Chicago startup. Jonathan started out as their first employee and saw the company through multiple investment rounds from Lightbank, NEA, and Revolution Ventures. When Jonathan became CTO, he recruited Veronica to open up an office in Uruguay. Together along with the founders and our team in Chicago, we built and scaled the first truly cross-platform iTunes of Education.

Today Benchprep is successful, profitable, and used by hundreds of thousands of students across the world. We founded Architects.io with a desire to replicate the tremendous working relationship we had there and help our clients reach the same heights.

We love hearing from companies at all stages, especially other creative technology professionals. Drop us a line, we'll have some coffee together in person or virtually.