Project Ideas

We want to collaborate with the best software developers and product people, and so here are some ideas for software components and modules that we would like to have in our toolchain.

Generally these projects will all be open source licensed, but we want them enough that we are willing to fund their development. So in that respect, consider this a bounty board for open source projects.

From time to time, we will post project ideas for things which we feel are viable Software as a Service companies., Inc. will make a substantial capital and technology contribution to these projects, if we find the right CEO to run them.

HTML Annotator Component

Total Budget: TBD


We would like to have a node-webkit based app, built with react.js, and semantic-ui.

The basic concept for the app will be a photoshop style image editor, with a canvas representation of the document.

This app will provide a toolbar with buttons, and allow for a modular / plugin based approach for writing tools.

Various document types need to be supported. Generally, these will be
documents which can be embedded in a standard webpage, including:

  • html
  • svg
  • jpg, png, gif
  • pdf