Clients love us

We make the complexities of product development and software maintenance our core business, so our clients can focus on what makes them great.

Jennifer Erickson
Director of Client Service, Topgrading

Topgrading hired to rebuild a system our clients currently use to automate their Topgrading efforts, incorporating new features along the way.

Jon learned as much as he could about our company and what we do. He made recommendations that were creative, innovative, focused on longevity of the software, and perfectly aligned with our goals. He blueprinted the entire project in great detail and gave us complete visibility at every step.

Vero led the development. She in the details…. she’s made some fantastic suggestions as to how to increase the effectiveness of various features and how to further enhance the user experience. She’s my hero!

All phases of this build were consistently delivered on time and in top quality. The team really went the extra mile to ensure we were happy.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with I would recommend them to anyone who wants leading edge technical solutions that provide rewarding user experiences - all wrapped up in a GORGEOUS design. I hope I am fortunate enough to work with again.

Jimmy Skuros
Product Manager, formerly at

Working with was a great experience. They are very knowledgeable in not only the technology platform we were moving to but also in the technology’s best practices. Jon was especially helpful in guiding us to known standards in the Rails community and helped us avoid some common mistakes during our company’s transformation. Able to successfully understand our business need, he was able to guide our team over these technical hurdles.

It was a pleasure to work with the team and I highly recommend anyone else faced with difficult technology problems and an urgent need to find a solution to look to their expertise.

Joe Williams
President, Intuitive Real-estate Solutions

Approximately two years ago, our company was assigned the task of building a web application for the federal government. After spending several months looking for the right developers, we were introduced to and their principal and chief developer Jon Soeder. He took on the project and guided us through each stage from design to completion.

His ability to communicate and resolve challenges was amazing! Version I of our application proved highly successful, we are currently discussing re-engagement with the company to develop Version II as well as future projects.

Julian Sarokin
Founder, Simple Labs

With the dozens of software projects I've started at Simple Labs, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of different developers and architects, including at some of the most expensive agencies in the US.

Jon is one of the best. The framework of knowledge and experience he’s gained over the years really shows the moment he starts thinking about your project. He has a clear logical framework for taking a jumble of consumer features and systematically implementing them into a product.

He also thinks ahead when architecting these systems and engineers beautiful codebases with impeccable documentation and testing tools. I would trust my next startup with his team.

Developers too

None of what we do would be possible without cultivating great relationships with other talented software craftsmen.

Erik Schneider
Front-end Developer, Braintree

Jon simply understands the long-lasting benefits of planning ahead. In fact, it would seem he's intrinsically wired to quickly and fully grasp a project's potential from the moment he hears about it. You can watch the gears start turning in his head. Almost immediately Jon's dreaming of the project's possibilities and potential. serves as his dream journal, a process uniquely suited to transform his visions and the visions of his colleagues into a blueprint for a detailed and comprehensive product. Implementing a project that Jon has setup takes all the guess work out of development. There's no questions about what needs to be done and how things will be used.

Nick DeSteffen,
Senior Developer, Benchprep

Jonathan excels as a technical leader and mentor. He can quickly determine the scope of a project and flush out any missing requirements or unknowns in order to deliver more accurate estimates. He has the skills and experience to lead any project from start to finish. He never sacrifices quality and can be relied on to build a solid product that can be extended it’s entire lifetime. As a teacher and mentor he was indispensable, providing encouragement as well as the room needed to help me reach the next level as a programmer. I have also witnessed other developers grow to become grade A developers under his training and guidance. He is always pushing the boundaries with upcoming technologies and looking for the best way to utilize them to his advantage to increase productivity and deliver goals ahead of schedule.

Nickolay Schwarz
Lead Developer, Benchprep

I've worked with Jon at Benchprep and I must say he is a great technical leader. All of Benchprep's developers enjoyed his leadership, his mentorship style as well as his technical skills. It is worth noting that not only Benchprep benefited greatly from Jon's mentorship; other companies working in our workspace were seeking his advice in a number of subjects from management advice to the pros and cons of API implementations and database design.

He cares deeply about people, he cares deeply about products & solutions and most importantly he, without a doubt, enjoys what he does. Once someone works with Jonathan they will be be looking for an opportunity to work together again.